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         A sari is an epitome of simplicity, elegance and sophistication all at the same time. This Indian attire is worn along with a choli aka blouse which is a midriff baring piece of cloth. No matter how stunning a sari looks, the blouse has the ability to either enhance your look or completely ruin it. Therefore it becomes imperative to meticulously select an appropriate blouse to go with the sari.

         The first time I donned a sari was in the 10th grade for my school farewell. It was one such garment that I had never tried on before and thus my excitement of trying something different and new then had multiplied. Initially I decided to invade into my mother’s wardrobe and borrow one of her saris, but somehow I had this strong feeling of owning a sari and that’s how my hunt for the farewell sari began. The myriad of styles, patterns, colours and prints of saris and blouses that a woman can choose from completely amazed me and I instantly fell in love with the concept of draping the six yard cloth.             

           After I finally found the sari of my choice, it was time for me to get a blouse stitched. At this juncture, I was introduced to an array of blouses with varying patterns. I had the freedom to browse through them and experiment with the blouse front, the back and the sleeves apart from the colour and the fabric. I was shown different blouse fronts like the high neck, the sweetheart pattern, the halter neck, the asymmetrical neck, the Chinese collar, the corset style, the tube blouse and many more. I could even incorporate different patterns for the sleeve, the blouse front and the blouse back all together. Few of the patterns showed to me in the blouse back variety were the U neck, the deep rectangle or round or even a diamond back, the halter back, the tie up style. Some of the popular and trendy blouse sleeve options were the cap sleeves, the three fourth sleeves, the spaghetti straps, some cut out sleeves as well.

            A sleeveless high neck blouse with button detailing at the back was what I got for myself. So finally I drew the conclusion that both the sari and the blouse have an immense scope of experimentation and that the beauty of the sari will only become prominent if it is well matched with a blouse that has a perfect fit.

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